Thursday, July 3, 2008


I haven't written anything for awhile. Not much going on for the Mullis family! Kevin went to Aaron's Camp and had the experience of a lifetime. He came home more committed than ever to the idea of serving a mission. It has completely changed his outlook on life. We're very happy and glad he had this opportunity.

Recently I've been going through some old photos and decided to share some on the blog. These first two are of the boys the summer AJ was 4 and Kevin was 2. When AJ was little he discovered an old kerchief of mine and decided it was a superhero cape. He wore it EVERYWHERE we went for a few years. He got a lot of attention when he wore it because people could see he was Superman which reinforced that he should keep the cape on. So, except for church and bed, he wore it almost always. He is wearing it in these two photos.
The boys decided to take a couple of squeegies and sponges and a bucket of water and go out and clean their swing set. They were awfully cute and Stan had to help them out a bit because he couldn't stay away from them. You can see from the boy's expressions that this was a serious job!

The last photo is from the Christmas the boys were 6 and 8. They had new sweater vests they were proud of, and I took their photo before we went to church that Sunday.
I am very proud of my sons and what nice young men they are growing up to be. This last summer before AJ leaves on his mission has made me somewhat melancholy, however, for the days when they were little and could still sit in my lap. Sometimes it seems as if it were last week that I brought them home from the hospital, walked them to their first day of school, and put bright lipstick on so I could kiss their little hands and they could have Mommy's kisses with them all day at school. Although those days are gone, the sweet memories they leave me with warm my heart, and sometimes bring a tear of gratitude. I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven that he blessed me with the priviledge of being a mother.
Happy 4th of July, Friends! Let us enjoy the blessings we have and be grateful! Time to go light a sparkler or two!


Tara said...

That is so sweet! It makes ME cry! I need to enjoy my children more everyday, because they go by too quickly! Maybe you could get some of that long-lasting lipstick for when AJ goes on his mission. Ya think it'll last 2 years? :( Sad! That's coming so soon!
You have such sweet boys! I love your cute family!!

John and Rachael said...

Maureen, that was such a sweet post, and those pictures are so cute. I can't even imagine how I will feel when Jordan goes on a mission - proud, happy, and a twinge of sadness I am sure. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy each moment with my kids.