Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pizza and Pumpkins

Halloween Eve, and tonight we ate pizza and carved pumpkins into Jack O'Lanterns. It was a fun evening. We played spooky music to accompany the carving, and had fun figuring out the best designs for our pumpkins. Fun!

Here are some pictures of our Pizza and Pumpkin night!

 Stan and AJ get the night started and make the first cuts in their pumpkins

 While Stan puts the finishing touches on his pumpkin,
Kevin and Kate get down to business with theirs!

 AJ shows of fhis finished Jack O'Lantern
He went with a traditional look, opting not to be scarey

 Stan with his pumpkin
He went with a more creative approach

 Kate went creative as well
Hers is a Hello Kitty Zombie, with brains coming out
of it's mouth and skull

Kevin's pumpkin has a Halo symbol on it
(I don't know ... don't ask me!)

And there you go! A fun time was had by all! Now we're ready for tomorrow night and the trick or treaters!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Phase 1 is Complete!

The first step in fixing our house up has been finished, and personally I love it. Xeriscaping has never been something I was all that fond of until I saw our water bills skyrocket trying to keep a lawn alive. Rather than rocks, I chose a more "natural" look with shredded bark. It smells so lovely, like being in the woods! And I like the looks of it. You can tell me what you think!

Now it's on to Phase 2!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Here We Go!

Things are starting to happen as we begin the process of getting ready to move. Stan started his new job on Monday, and we have been interviewing companies to get some of the work done on the house as well as having insurance adjusters making their way througout our home.

This afternoon AJ and I went out and got some moving supplies and not only did it barely fit into the Jeep, but it made a mountain in our garage!

We're trying to get the outside taken care of as the temps begin to drop. We have a landscaper xeriscaping our front yard, and we're replacing the roof as well. And we're also painting the exterior, I just need to decide what color to paint it. Help!

While that's being taken care of we're getting started packing and cleaning the inside and moving out as much furniture as possible before we tackle the inside, which we're painting as well, and replacing the kitching/dining room floor.

I tell you, I'm tired just thinking about it all!

On a fun note, Kevin became a blond today. His girlfriend Kate is in beauty school and colored his hair for him. He looks adorable! AJ keeps teasing him that now he's going to "have more fun." Maybe so...

Monday, October 1, 2012

39 Again?!!

Another year, and another birthday. This one was super nice. Stan made waffles in the morning for breakfast, AJ fixed sausage and we had some amazing apple cider that made the whole thing feel like fall. Kevin gave me a pumpkin candle and a "writer's mug."

As always, Stan addresses his envelopes in a fun way! Chocolates from my sweetheart along with a poem and a promise for a date of my choice. Love it! AJ gave me a pair of beautiful earrings too ....

Normally Stan barbecues hamburgers for my birthday dinner, but this year he had to work. So that evening Kevin took us, along with his girlfriend Kate, to Freddie's where we had hamburgers, drinks and fries. It was a blast! Phone calls from Beth and my folks, chocolate and a ton o' messages from friends, and it was the perfect birthday!

Growing older isn't so bad after all .....

 The Freddie's Burger ... Yummmmm!

 Fry Sauce!!!
Need we say more?

 AJ, who celebrates his own birthday on the 5th!

 Kate and Kevin

Ready for another year
and some amazing new adventures as we look forward
to leaving Colorado Springs and starting a new chapter
in Denver in 2013 ....