Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ghost Story - Part 1

In the spring of 1991 Stan and I put our condo up for sale since we had AJ, who was a little over one and were expecting our second. In June we moved into our new house which seemed like a mansion after our 900 sq ft place. It was an older home, over 35 years old. The neighborhood was quiet, lots of huge trees, and great neighbors.

I was on complete bedrest with that pregnancy, so Stan bought me a recliner which would allow me to sit in the living room and stretch out when lying in bed or on the couch got old. Our living room was in the back of the house, and he set the recliner up in front of the window which looked out onto the back yard. Across from it was the entryway and the front door. Since it was summer time I kept the door open, and with the screen I was able to look out and see what was going on in the neighborhood.

AJ was little and needed a lot of care, and friends and family--especially my parents--took turns staying with us to help out since I wasn't allowed much time on my feet. That chair became my lifeline to the world!

Soon after we moved in, however, I started to notice some strange happenings in the house. The first thing I heard was some loud knocking on the walls in the entryway. This usually happened at night. At first I thought it was AJ since his bedroom was on the other side of the wall. But when I went in to check on him, he would be sound asleep.

Then I started to hear footsteps come clumping down the hallway leading to the entry. I would wait, and see no one when they stopped. Again I would get up and go look, but never saw anything.

The funny thing was, I was never scared; never felt nervous ... just curious.

The next event that happened was that the television would turn on and off on its own and change channels. The stereo would do the same. Stan checked them out, but could never find a problem with either one that would make them do that.

Those who stayed with us would see the TV and stereo do their thing, and also heard the knocking and footsteps, but like me, they never saw anything to have caused it all.

We lived in that house for nine years before moving to Colorado, and these things never stopped, and were never explained.

As I sat in that recliner waiting for the day my new baby would be born I thought if that was all the mysterious "ghosts" had to offer up it wasn't too bad.

That was what I thought at least......

to be continued


rachael said...

Yeah, I am glad you are posting again. I have missed you this last week or so! Creepy story, can't wait to hear the end!

Tara said...

Yeah, me too! How does this end?
Ever see the show on SciFI TV channel called Ghost Hunters? Pretty cool show...