Sunday, June 6, 2010

Say Cheese!

We had Kevin's graduation party yesterday and had a blast. Tons o' food, the best friends, and so much fun! Talking, laughing, playing, eating and celebrating Kevin's achievement. It was the best.

And even though we went to bed dog tired, I have to say I'd do it again it was such a good time. We have the best friends!

I decided to let the pictures tell the story. Enjoy!


Rach said...

Thanks for inviting us, we had so much fun!! I'm glad to see you finally got a picture of Sarah!!

Mel said...

And we are sorry we missed the biggest bash of the year! Looks like lots of fun. I think being dog tired is a sign of a successful event! I'll have to catch the details when we get home.

Tiffany said...

Why weren't we invited? haha It looks like so much fun with people who love and care about you a lot!! I'm sure Kevin will never forget the sweet memories of this day.


Congratulations! I loved the seniors class motto too. I've used it a lot and think I will adopt it.