Monday, September 6, 2010

Kevin's Bad Weekend

Poor Kevin.  This has been a bad, sad weekend for him. 

Friday night his fish George died.  Last year when he went to the Pueblo State Fair with the marching band he won George in the midway.  It was a big event, because the band marched in the parade, then competed in the bandstand at the Fair and won First Place.  A big accomplishment for such a small school band.  For Kevin, who is such a big animal lover, the icing on the cake was winning George and bringing him home.  Grandma and Papa Hillyard were here visiting too, so  that is a happy memory.  He was very sad when his little beta died Friday night.

This morning he came downstairs to find one of his parakeets had died.  We got Eddie threeyears ago from our friends the Allens.  Kevin was thrilled.  He was white with a little blue on his tummy and the sweetest little bird.  Kevin said he looked like he had on blue trousers that he'd pulled up too high.  Kevin spent time clipping his wings and playing with him to make him feel comfortable being handled.  He got along with our other budgies just fine.  But what a chatterbox!  I asked Liz if that bird was ever quiet, and she said he was at their house.  But with us he was constantly chirping and chattering.  Sometimes at night we couldn't even here the television he was so loud!

Kevin is very attached to his pets, and this has been a hard weekend for him.  With lots of love and attention from his other pets I'm sure he'll feel better soon, but I know this is not a weekend he'll enjoy remembering.


Mel said...

It is always so hard to lose a pet, no matter how old you are or how small the pet. Whether we want them to or not, they become so much a part of our families that it is hard when they go. So sorry.

Tiffany said...

He reminds me of my Brandon. He loves animals so much and just has a special way with them. Poor Kev...I'm so sorry.

Rach said...

Oh, tell Kevin I'm sorry about his lousy weekend. Animals sure have a way of working themselves into your heart, it's hard to say goodbye.

Teeples Family said...

My dad is a veterinarian-so I remember many sad days having to break bad news to families who loved their animals. They have real personalities, and once you are attached, it makes it all the harder to let go!