Saturday, October 2, 2010


 AJ's birthday is next week, but Stan took today off so we could celebrate together.  First we went to a movie that AJ picked out, and afterwards we went up to the Smokehouse in Woodland Park for their "all you can eat" beef ribs, one of AJ's favorite things!
 After dinner we came home to cake and presents.  Yummo!  Can't believe my sweet little guy is now over six feet tall and about to turn 21.  How did the time fly by so doggone fast anyway??
 AJ did a good job blowing out the candles!
 The sister missionaries, Sister Chan and Sister Carter, stopped by and enjoyed the celebration with us.  As Kevin said, they helped turn it into a party!
 First the cards, telling him how much we love and appreciate him, and one included a poem written for him by his father.
AJ's favorite color is green.  We gave him a green 4GB flash drive to use for school, and this great green shirt.  Kevin gave him some new earphones for his MP3 player.  I think he was happy with his gifts and the day in general.  Funtastic!

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Rach said...

Happy Birthday AJ!!! Wow, 21! Sounds like a perfect day to me - all you can eat ribs is a dream come true! I love his face in that picture of him with his cake. What a goofball!