Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stan's Birthday!

Yesterday was Stan's birthday.  We all decided to take the opportunity to sleep in and enjoy not having to be anywhere.  Stan took the night off from work.  We went to one of his favorite places, Taco Express, for burritos and nachos for lunch.  Then Stan and the boys went to see the new Green Hornet movie.  They let me beg off, and I went home and made cupcakes.

That evening for dinner we had a bunch of Stan's favorites.  Shrimp cocktail, Kevin's famous garlic bread, salad, baked potatoes (with all the fixin's) and AJ even braved the snowy weather to BBQ some steaks!  It felt like winter, but it sure did smell like summer!

Afterwards we had cake and ice cream (chocolate cake and bordeaux cherry ice cream) and Stan opened a huge stack of cards and our birthday present:  a Belgian waffle maker!

We had a fun celebration.  Although I didn't get pictures of everything we did, Here are a few:

 Kevin made a Swiss chocolate cake for his dad.  I frosted it.  Okay, I'll admit it... I put waaay too much frosting on it.  But dang! It was good!

 When we were on staycation last summer and on our Christmas trip, the hotels would have Belgian waffle makers with their free breakfasts.  Stan loved to make himself waffles.  For his birthday we got him one of those flip around waffle makers.  He made waffles for us this morning and holy moly, were they good!

 There's something about family breakfasts that I just love.  I don't think it's necessarily the food as much as the relaxed, lazy feeling about just hanging out together in the morning.

 Jasper waits patiently behind Stan hoping for something to fall off the table!

The final product!
Looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?

Our friends the Eddingtons brought Stan a birthday card and a plate of homemade cookies!
I'm not sure how many of these he's actually going to get .....
And I made some cupcakes for him to take to work tonight to celebrate there.
All in all, it was a great celebration!

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Tara said...

Looks like he had a fun birthday! What a fun family weekend!