Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Waldo Canyon Fire

A fire started right near Colorado Springs on Saturday, June 23rd. It has been a devestating experience for us to watch the destruction and see as this fire grows exponentially each day. I'm sharing some photos for friends and family.

We are doing well. We are far enough away that we are not terribly affected by this. Ash and smoke are making things difficult for AJ and his asthma. Most of the toll is emotional to see what has happened to our beautiful area. We lost Flying W Ranch, which was heartbreaking, along with hundreds of homes.

The firefighters have been simply amazing! And the community has really been pulling together to support those who've been evacuated and those who are fighting this disaster. Here are some photos:

 Helicopters, C130 Tankers and hundreds of men and women on the ground.
It may take awhile, but they will get control!

 Even the Air Force Academy has been affected.

 Our beautiful mountains .... so sad!

 This fire is like none the fire fighters have ever seen.
One day going north, then south, then east.
It's a beast!

 The fire jumped containment lines and two ridges in about 20 minutes.
It was so frightening to watch!

 An aerial shot of the Flying W Ranch
One of our favorite places. Hopefully they'll rebuild

346 homes and 2 lives lost.
Overall, I think we're pretty blessed.

This map shows the growth of the fire.

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