Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break

Well, we're now on Spring Break and ready to roll! Both AJ and Kevin have no school this upcoming week, and we are looking forward to having some family fun. Stan and the boys helped some friends move this morning while Maureen was busy baking a cake for Easter tomorrow. After all that we went out to lunch to launch our break.

Easter Sunday is also Grandma's birthday and we are looking forward to calling her. Monday AJ and Stan both have off work so we're planning on catching a movie, the first we've seen since last fall. Tuesday is a "Guys Day Out" when Stan will take the boys to a movie and dinner without Mom. It should be fun.

Wednesday we're expecting Maureen's sister Cheryl and her husband for a visit for a few days. Sadly, Don's father died. They will be stopping by to see us after attending the funeral in Kansas.

But, as is often the case in Colorado, after a few warm, sunny days, we are ushering in Spring and Easter with snow. It's been snowing all day here and it's cold too. Well, that's Colorado for you! Happy Easter everyone!

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