Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chocolate Kisses

My friend Tara and her family came over the other night. I love her and her family and her children are so precious to me. My boys fixed them each a cup of hot chocolate, and gave them some of the peanut butter balls they'd made to sample. (Recipe is on an earlier post.)

Little Tyler, who is only two, reminds me a lot of my boys when they were babies, and he tugs at my heart. After he was done with his treat I asked him for a kiss, which he smilingly gave me -- right on my tummy! I was wearing a white shirt, and I had chocolate kiss marks on it after he was done. It was so sweet, and reminded me of when I used to have lots of those kinds of things on my clothing when AJ and Kevin were small.

Tara was a little concerned, but the next day the stains came out with no problem. But ... I wasn't sure, as I looked at my clean white shirt, whether I was glad the stains were gone or not. I know that one day that sweet little boy who gave me that kiss unreservedly, will probably view me as his mother's weird old friend, and the idea of giving me a kiss will be horrific. So part of me kind of wanted to keep it. *sigh*

Plus I could have embarassed him with it when he becomes a teenager!


Dirk and Trish said...

How sweet! So how did you get chocolate out? That's my nemesis in the laundry room-and one of Lizzie's fav. treats. Your boys are so sweet. I bet it's fun to have a little version remind you of their younger days.

Tara said...

I'm so glad it came out!!! I know you were ok with it, but I sure felt bad! I guess there really is nothing better than a chocolate kiss, though, huh?!
Your boys were so cute with my kids that night! Thanks again guys!

Tiffany said...

We sure love you and your family. Thanks for taking such good care of Tara and her family! Merry "Kiss"mas!

Teeples Family said...

I am finally getting back into the swing of things and blogging again! Keira takes so much time that I am always scrounging for a moment to myself--and that is usually in the shower!

I loved your post about Tyler. He really is a cute little boy! The Eddingtons, like you, are top notch people! One day these ctains from little ones will disappear, so I guess I will take the formula stains (and other things) while I have them! Thanks for the reminder to cherish the little things that come from children!

rachael said...

What a cute post. Though I don't always appreciate them now, I think I will miss the stains on my clothes when the kids are older. Thanks for the reminder.