Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unto the Least of These

Yesterday was an interesting day. AJ, who works at Gunther Toody's diner, had a co-worker who asked for help. She is one of the waitresses, and is an older, single woman. Her washing machine was acting up and she needed it looked at. AJ told her his dad was good at fixing things, and so he and Stan spent Monday over there working on her washer.

They didn't get home until 10 pm last night. They were exhausted, and because the woman is a smoker, they were soaked in cigarette smoke. Both wanted some dinner, a hot shower and to fall into bed. It had turned into a marathon.

I went upstairs after AJ and I heard him in his room mumbling to himself. I thought he was frustrated that a kind offering of assistance had turned into such an ordeal and that he was in there complaining to himself.

As I listened, however, he was quoting to himself, "When you do this unto the least of these, my brethren, you do it unto me."

He wasn't complaining, so much as reminding himself who it was he was really serving. I was taught a valuable lesson last night.


Rach said...

Oh Maureen, what an awesome son you have there (but when he comes from such a great Mom, it's only natural). AJ has taught me a lesson also, what a wonderful example of Christlike love and service.

Tiffany said...

Wow...you sure have a special family my friend. Thanks for that beautiful example. I also wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog, but I think that YOU are the BEAUTIFUL one...inside and out!!! I love having you back! I missed you!

Dirk and Trish said...

I never cease to be amazed by what we can learn from our kids. It's so great that he has that perspective. I really hope L will be that strong and that we can teach her well. Thanks for sharing so many great moments! Thanks for the card the other day-that was so sweet! We love your family!

Mel said...

Isn't it great to see your kids serving and learning the good things that come from being so kind to others. You always hope that your kids grow strong in the gospel when they get old enough to know for themselves. AJ is such a good kid and so is Kevin. I enjoy driving him to seminary--he is always so nice. You did a great job with your kids.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to share with you what wonderful sons you have reared. I was standing (once again) with my littlest as she was once again too fussy to allow me to sit through Sacrament. Your son, after playing so sweetly with my toddler, saw me standing and immediately got up to offer me his seat. It was so automatic for him, you could tell he didn't even have to think about it. He was aware of someone around him who might need something and was immediately on his feet ready to help. I was really touched, and wished I could have sat at the moment. It was a simply gesture, but one that is sadly disappearing in society today. And it really says something about their parents. I thought you should know that you've definitely done something right with those boys. Thank You!