Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lucky Us!

Stan and I recently came into a little extra money. Seems that for the past five years his company has only been paying straight time for overtime and have now upgraded him so he'll receive time and half. They paid him the difference for the past two years and we got the money (or what was left after they took HALF for taxes!) last week.

Yipee! We can fix the cars, get the boys some new shoes and slacks for fall, and maybe take the family out for dinner. Yeah, right ....

First my chair, which is a recliner so that my poor achy joints can have relief, broke. There went some of the money to pay for that. Then the garage door broke and there went another huge chunk. Then the jeep, which I'd estimated would cost $300 to fix wound up costing $1,000!

But, Lucky Us! I feel so blessed. First of all, we had the money to fix the jeep so it's ready for winter and Stan's long drives out to the base in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, the garage door broke with the van outside so we still had it to use while we waited five days for someone to come fix it. And the chair was an easy repair job and we didn't have to buy a new one.

No, we don't have any left to fix the van, but we'll start saving up and Stan has a couple of OT days coming up in October. I feel very blessed, very much like we are being looked after. And when you have so much good happening to you, how can you be upset by the small stuff?

After all .... it's all small stuff, isn't it?

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Rach said...

You always have such wonderful perspective, Maureen.