Thursday, November 5, 2009


I've been stewing about something for awhile now and have decided that I just need to get it off my chest.  There's this new study out that has me so angry.  It purports that having overweight friends can make you fat.  (   Not only is that the dumbest thing I've ever heard, but that people are accepting it as fact is preposterous! 

There are two things that strike me here.  First: when are we as a nation/people going to take responsibility for our own actions?  We can't keep blaming whatever our deficits are on others.  If I am a jerk, is it because my neighbor across the street is one?  If I'm a bigoted idiot do I blame it on my boss at work?  NO--it's because I have made decisions/choices in my life that have led me to this place.  Same thing with weight or whatever. 

I have several friends who are slim while I am overweight.  I would hate to think that they would read this study and decide that they won't remain friends with me in case I make them fat.  We're all responsible for what we eat, think, do and say.  It is no one elses chore.  And if I eat with my friends, and I choose to overeat, then that is their choice to either follow my lead or not.

The second thing is that I am so sick and tired of is fat-bashing being the last acceptable prejudice.  If this study had said that hanging with a gay person would make you gay the ACLU would be up in arms.  Or if you were friends with a different race that you would emulate that race.... whatever.  But this is not only allowed, it is taken as something to keep in mind in choosing your friends.  Shamless.

I have had people refuse to sit next to me, or to be in the same area as I am already.  People who think nothing of commenting to me in the grocery store about my purchases or my weight.  I try hard to remember that it is not the size of my body that will get me to Heaven, but the size of my heart.  The Lord is not going to say "Yikes, you're a size 20 go away."  But perhaps if our heart is a measly size 2 we might have a problem. 

So, let's all strive to have bigger hearts and not worry so much about the bodies.  They don't matter except to the person who is living in it.  We all want to be loved and accepted for who we are and to live our lives to the best of our abilities. 

And I for one plan on living my life the best I can and to love my family and friends until my heart is at least an XXXL!


Mel said...

I haven't heard of that study-what a crock! You are so right-it is the heart that matters and yours is bigger than life. You need to come up with a great comeback line for those hurtful people that feel they need to comment to strangers about matters that don't concern them.

Maureen said...

Thanks Mel! I always liked what Orson Wells said once to someone who was critical of his size. He said, "I can always lose weight, but you'll always be ugly."

Tara said...

That just makes me so mad! I think that sounds like the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Who PAID for a study like that? Let's spend more time & $ in finding a cure for cancer, not in evaluating fat people. Sheesh!!! IDIOTS!

Rach said...

Oh Maureen, I love you. You are a hundred percent right, people should focus more on the size of their hearts instead of the size of their waistline. And you my friend top the charts on both inner and outer beauty. Studies like this don't surprise me. We spent whole psychology classes looking at study after study (which cost taxpayers millions) that concluded the most ridiculous things. You can come up with a study to back up any assumption you want to make, and skew the results to say anything you want.

Karla said...

I agree with Rach. It's amazing how you can scew numbers to show the results you want. And you're right about your heart being an XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL. I only with I had the kind heart that you have. You are a great example to me. Having you as a friend has made my life richer and "fatter" and I like that kind of "fat." Love you!

Dirk and Trish said...

Wow. Just wow. You definitely enrich the lives of those around you. Ya know, I did hear, though, if you hang out with short people, you might shrink! Although...I can think of one that may be true-if you hang out with mean, stupid people, it might rub off on you. Hope the vent has done you some good!

Brandon and Sommar said...

Well that is all just a bunch of b.s. I know it is easier said than done but people that think that is true or say rude things are just insecure about themselves. I love you just the way you are. Keep your head up and keep smiling and we will all pray for those short minded people!!! Love ya