Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Spring Break Treat

We had a nice quiet day today.  Last night we went out for Mexican food and hit Costco afterwards.  Kevin was amazed because I tell him I always run into someone I know at Costco, and last night was the first time I didn't.  Broke my record ....

This morning we let Stan sleep in, and the boys took me out to run some errands and finish my grocery shopping.  It was a gorgeous morning, albeit terribly cold.  Can't believe another blizzard is predicted for tomorrow night.

The boys went to the library for me this afternoon (it's so great to have two sons who can drive!) so while they were gone I made them one of their favorite treats:  Scotcharoos.  I've posted the recipe on this blog in the past if you're interested.  They came home as I was finishing it up.

Tonight Kevin made dinner (his special spaghetti) and for dessert, you guessed it, their special Spring Break Treat.  Yummo!

Sometimes there is beauty in an ordinary day, and today, for me, it was spectacular in its simplicity.  And love.

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