Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In the Company of Women

I live in a house full of males.  Even the dogs are male and have nothing to do with me unless Stan and the boys aren't around.  Usually when I want to talk about girly stuff I don't; I sit and think about it and look up things on the internet.  It's okay but ....

Today I had a MAJOR treat!  I went out on a girls lunch!  (Insert a picture of a gigantic smile here!)  I cannot tell you how much fun it was.  We talked about hair, makeup, purses..... our children, what we're doing, and childbirth stories.

These three women are so off the charts incredible that it makes me pause to think that they're my friends.  Rachael is (ta-da!) an award winning photographer who sees beauty in the simple things that surround us.  Kristeen is a musician with an accepting heart who willingly shares her talent.  And Tara, my sweet, loving friend, has shown me unconditional love only a true friend can give you.  I've never known a more generous heart than hers.

This afternoon has left me feeling full of love, encouraged by friendship, and energized by their strong spirits.  There are some things that husbands and boyfriends just can't do for you.  I am so thankful for the company of women, and these women in particular.  Yay!


Tara said...

What a sweet post! I had so much fun, too & I'm so grateful for YOU!!

Rach said...

And Maureen, a published author, who has a heart of gold, a wonderful laugh, and a sense of humor that will knock your socks off!! That was a sweet post, thank you. I really had a good time too, let's do it again - SOON!

Mel said...

I am glad that you had a fabulous time. It always lifts my spirits when I get together with friends. I'm just sorry I missed all the fun.