Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More From SLO

 AJ and Kevin at the beach at Morro Bay.  They've loved the beach since they were little boys.  They had a good time getting back to the ocean.

 Terry and I met in 1975 when we both went to Brigham Young University.  We lived in the same dorm and became fast friends.  She lives in Los Angeles and drove up to San Luis Obispo so we could spend some time together.  It was so much fun, and felt like being teenagers again!

 Stan's sister Merodie on the beach.  When we lived in California, Merodie was only about a half an hour away, so she and the boys are very close.  We were so happy she made it down to SLO to see us!

 AJ strikes a contemplative pose.  They found this bench and sign at the beach and thought it was fun to take pictures with it!

 I LOVE this picture of Kevin!  Looks like he could be thinking a million things as he gazes out at the sea.

 Stan's dad took the boys to the driving range and let them hit a bucket of balls.  They have plans to do the same thing with Stan here in Colorado!

Grandpa told Kevin he was a natural, so we're hoping he gets some more chances to play now.
What a fun time when you get to be with family!

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Rach said...

Beautiful pictures! I went with some friends to hit a bucket of balls once and it was so fun!! There is a place not to far from here Kevin could go.