Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today is one of those beautiful summer mornings that make you just want to spend time playing and being with your family. It's sunny, not too warm and it's a Saturday! I know it's also the day to get stuff done around the house, but it also is a day for some fun too.

When we lived in California we sometimes would bundle the kids into the car and drive to Santa Cruz, a small beach town about 30 minutes from our house. Stan has family that live there and there were many weekends in the summers that we would travel over there for family get-togethers. It was always fun to be with the "Santa Cruz Mullis' Group" and I miss those opportunities.

But there were other times we would drive over just to hang out at the wharf.  Santa Cruz is known for its Beach Boardwalk, which has amusement rides, and carnival attractions, and that's fun too. But the wharf is it's own little world.

A long walk on the wharf, checking out the seagulls and the sea lions was always fun. Maybe a walk on the beach as well, and checking out the shell shops and watching the fishermen. The Stagnaro family is a big part of Santa Cruz Wharf life offering fishing trips and chartering boats and an upscale restaurant on the wharf.

But my favorite place was owned by one of the daughters Gilda Stagnaro. A small, old-fashioned restaurant on the wharf, Gilda's Family Restaurant offered seafood in a homey atmosphere. My favorite thing to get there was clam chowder and sourdough bread. If you were lucky you got a window seat looking out at the ocean. A perfect afternoon! Gilda herself was a fixture at the restaurant, and was there every day. She died three years ago at age 83, at her restaurant.

I love living here in Colorado. The mountains are magnificent and inspiring. It's hard leaving the coast, and even after more than 11 years I still miss it. Especially on days like today.

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Rach said...

Aw, sorry you're homesick. If I lived in a place like that I would get homesick too!! I'm glad you guys are here though so don't start thinking about moving back there!! =)