Friday, August 26, 2011

The Adventures of Captain Cool

Every year when we go on vacation I look for some fun t-shirts for Stan and the boys. Superheroes, cartoon characters, whatever. This year I found a couple of tie-dyed shirts for AJ and Stan, and a particularly "groovy" one for Stan that has a peace sign on the front.

When we were at Elitch's I saw several kids walking around wearing a cape that was tie-dyed with a peace sign on it. I thought it would be perfect for Stan. When I pointed the capes out to him, he found out that they could be won at the game where you test your strength. Later when we reconnected with the boys, he took AJ over and asked him to win the cape for him. He was successful! And ... Captain Cool was born.

Captain Cool showed up at various points on our vacation and we took pictures of him. He's a pretty groovy guy. We got some interesting looks and comments, and Kevin tended to leave the area when Captain Cool showed up, but we had a lot of fun.

 Captain Cool at Wall Drug in South Dakota.
He spreads peace and "cool" wherever he goes!

 Captain Cool pays homage to Superman.
This is the phone booth at Wall Drug.

 Captain Cool at Mt. Rushmore.
Captain Cool is nothing if not patriotic!

Captain Cool at Devil's Tower in Wyoming.
He's a bit of a devil himself!

If you see Captain Cool out and about, feel free to flash him the peace sign.  He could show up in your neighborhood, or ... well who knows where he'll turn up next!

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Rach said...

Here he comes to save the day!! That's too funny. I hope we have some "Captain Cool" spottings around here. I'll be sure and have my peace sign ready to flash!