Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break Mini-Vacation

Now that my boys are both in college, we only get one week for spring break. And this year, Stan only got one day off. So we decided to take a day and spend it in Denver, get a couple of hotel rooms and make it a mini-vacation. We brought along Kevin's friend T.J. too. We all crammed into our Chevy and headed up. Our first stop was to a place so many of my friends have been talking about--Cafe Rio. Great food, fun place, and a perfect place to stop and relax after driving up there.

We checked into the hotel, the boys in one room and Stan and I in another. Our initial plan was to go and see a movie, but there was really nothing out that I wanted to see, so we just stayed for a couple of hours at the hote. The boys got drinks and watched TV and played video games, and declared it a blast. It seems to me it's what they would have done at home, but it made it more fun doing it in a hotel room.

Stan and I, being the party animals that we are, took naps. Yes, we did! Right in the middle of the afternoon!! It was heavenly.

Then we headed over to Dave and Buster's for the rest of the night. Dinner, games, and tons o' fun!

 My sweet husband!
While the boys took off playing games and spending tickets,
we sat and talked and talked and talked.
It was great! When we're at home we get interrupted.
Here it was like a date .... with three boys with us!

 AJ in his Magnum PI shirt!
He got a burger called "The Heart Pounder!"
It was a good thing he worked some of that off playing games!

 When we were finishing up dinner, Stan and I decided to get a fun dessert
to take with usover to the pool tables while the four guys played a few games.
Chocolate and white donut holes
with chocolate and raspberry dipping sauces.

The next morning we continued our quest to follow Adam Richman from Man Vs. Food.
Kevin and TJ are excited to try the same thing Adam did!
We had breakfast at Jack & Grills in Denver, where Adam was unsuccessful in
the 7 Pound Breakfast Burrito Challenge.

 Okay, we didn't do the challenge.
Instead five of us tackled it just for fun.
Here it is before we dug in!

But, in the eternal challenge of Man versus Food,

But as you can see, we put a dent in it!

We had so much fun, but it went by in the blink of an eye. Sometimes you just need to get away, if only for a day, and let your hair down. I'm glad we did, and look forward to our next "mini" vacation!

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