Monday, October 1, 2012

39 Again?!!

Another year, and another birthday. This one was super nice. Stan made waffles in the morning for breakfast, AJ fixed sausage and we had some amazing apple cider that made the whole thing feel like fall. Kevin gave me a pumpkin candle and a "writer's mug."

As always, Stan addresses his envelopes in a fun way! Chocolates from my sweetheart along with a poem and a promise for a date of my choice. Love it! AJ gave me a pair of beautiful earrings too ....

Normally Stan barbecues hamburgers for my birthday dinner, but this year he had to work. So that evening Kevin took us, along with his girlfriend Kate, to Freddie's where we had hamburgers, drinks and fries. It was a blast! Phone calls from Beth and my folks, chocolate and a ton o' messages from friends, and it was the perfect birthday!

Growing older isn't so bad after all .....

 The Freddie's Burger ... Yummmmm!

 Fry Sauce!!!
Need we say more?

 AJ, who celebrates his own birthday on the 5th!

 Kate and Kevin

Ready for another year
and some amazing new adventures as we look forward
to leaving Colorado Springs and starting a new chapter
in Denver in 2013 ....

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