Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pizza and Pumpkins

Halloween Eve, and tonight we ate pizza and carved pumpkins into Jack O'Lanterns. It was a fun evening. We played spooky music to accompany the carving, and had fun figuring out the best designs for our pumpkins. Fun!

Here are some pictures of our Pizza and Pumpkin night!

 Stan and AJ get the night started and make the first cuts in their pumpkins

 While Stan puts the finishing touches on his pumpkin,
Kevin and Kate get down to business with theirs!

 AJ shows of fhis finished Jack O'Lantern
He went with a traditional look, opting not to be scarey

 Stan with his pumpkin
He went with a more creative approach

 Kate went creative as well
Hers is a Hello Kitty Zombie, with brains coming out
of it's mouth and skull

Kevin's pumpkin has a Halo symbol on it
(I don't know ... don't ask me!)

And there you go! A fun time was had by all! Now we're ready for tomorrow night and the trick or treaters!

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