Thursday, October 9, 2008

AJ Turns 19!!

AJ had his 19th birthday Sunday! We spent the day at Elitch's. It was a lot of fun. Not too hot (like it was over the summer up there!) and it was decorated for Halloween with spooky music playing in the background.

There was supposed to be a cockroach eating contest that Kevin was looking forward to, but it wasn't up and running that day. AJ has already had the experience of eating a cricket in his eight grade science class, and I think Kevin wanted the opportunity to try eating an insect as well. The Ghost Blasters ride was up and running, and there were a couple of hanted houses they had fun going through.

When it started to get darker we suddenly saw zombies and others forms of creepy crawlies walking around the "graveyards" they had a various points around the park.
When the boys and Stan (I'm too big a chicken) went through the "tamer" haunted house, Stan suddenly found himself with two 14-year-old girls clinging to the back of his jacket. I told him he is such a "dad" that they felt safe hanging on to him. When AJ heard this he was sad he hadn't been in the back where the girls were.

Afterwards we all went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner, then home again where we were supposed to have cake and ice cream and gifts, but were so tired we barely stayed awake to see AJ open his gifts. It was a fun day!

AJ enjoys a cold drink in between rides.

Kevin having fun at Sweet Tomatoes.

Reeny and Stan -- pooped after a long day!


Rachael said...

Happy Birthday AJ!! What a fun day. I had to laugh when you said that there were 2 girls clinging on to Stan, and AJ was dissapointed he hadn't been back there. Too funny!!

Maureen said...

I thought that was funny too! When I pointed out to AJ they were about 14 or 15, he said, "They were female, right?" The boy just loves girls!

Tara said...

Looks like so much fun! Tell Kevin if he wants to eat some bugs, I've got a couple of dead flies in my window sill he can crunch on!

Luv you guys!!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday A.J.!! We love you at our house. I hope my boys can turn out half as wonderful as you!
My kids still talk about how nice you were to them and how much fun you are.