Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twenty One Years and Counting

In my family when you celebrated the birthday that matched your birth date, it was called a "golden birthday." I know that being married 21 years on the 21st doesn't make it a golden anniversary, but it's pretty great all the same.

I have had such a terrific time these years. We started out in a little 900 sq ft condo, bought a sweet house, then moved here to Colorado nine years ago. What an adventure these years have been! Some more photos:
Here I am with my bridesmaids. My friend Ilene once said it looked like the Rose Parade court. I love all the lovely lavendar dresses, which of course no one would dare wear after that day! From left to right they are: Stan's sisters Merodie and Susan, my sister (matron of honor) Cheryl, Ilene and Beth. Aren't they beautiful?

Here's my father and I beginning our walk down the aisle. The poor thing was crying and so emotional, I had to be strong to get him down there. Actually, he's holding on to me, not the other way around! A sweet memory for me.
We're married! Leaving the chapel I was so happy! It's interesting to me that all these years later I am still crazy about the guy. I can't imagine my life without him.

I wanted to post a picture of our cake. It was poppy seed with lemon filling and so good!

Good things do come to those who wait!


Mel said...

CONGRATS! We are right behind you with 20 coming up the end of summer. Isn't it crazy how time flies. What is even crazier is that my son is the same age now that I was when I met my hubby. Am I rally that old now? yikes

Tara said...

Happy Anniversary!! TODAY!! LOve you guys!

Rach said...

Happy "golden anniversary". Love the pictures, and that cake does sound yummy. Have a great day!

Kristeen Teeples said...

What great pictures--your golden hair matches your golden anniversary! Not many natural blondes out there--and YOU ARE one of them! Thanks for sharing this fun with us all!