Thursday, June 11, 2009

One of those weeks!

I'm sure glad I have a garden full of hyacinths in my heart, because this has been a week I'd rather forget. Our poor ol' van, a 1998, keeps having problems. At this stage of the game, the problems are always in the hundreds of dollars range to fix, if not the thousands. This time, someone hit our rear door awhile back and we can't open it. Our insurance is paying to fix it -- yeah! -- and then last Friday night the drivers seat broke and now we can't drive it (unless you can do so lying flat on your back!).

It's been in the shop all week, and we have been dealing with one car. But, since Stan work's swing shift he has to leave at 2:15 in the afternoon and doesn't get back until close to midnight. This leaves us without transportation every afternoon and evening.

Not so bad, you might say, but AJ has been dealing with a nasty cold, and now it looks like he might have bronchitis. We have no way to get him to the doctor until tomorrow morning when he is supposed to be at work, and in the meantime he is coughing so hard it makes my chest hurt!

Just now Kevin came and showed me how the barber cut a mole when cutting his hair a couple of days ago, and now that mole is bleeding and painful. Again, no way to get to the doctor until tomorrow morning. When it rains, as we know in Colorado, it very often hails!

What I'd like to know is, how did people get along with only one car back in the day? I feel completely stuck and frustrated. Ah well .... at least I have the luxury of complaining about such things, right?


Rach said...

Maureen, please, please, PLEASE give me a call and let me take you somewhere. I can take you to the doctor or the store or where ever you need to go. Don't feel like you have to be stuck without a car, especially if your boys are sick. I would be more than happy to help you out.

Kristeen Teeples said...

me too-I am always running kids somewhere..whats a few more? Please call!

Dirk and Trish said...

Those days (or weeks, or months...) are so rough! We did the one car thing for 2 years and it is not fun feeling stuck. Hope the boys are doing well now! Even when surrounded by great people that are willing to help, it's hard to make that call.

Brandon and Sommar said...

Ohh you are in so much trouble! Why didn't you call me. I will always take you and the boys where ever you need to go. Glad you got the van back though.