Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting Ready

We have a tradition in our family for Christmas Eve.  We always have dinner of shrimp fondue with Christmas cookies for dessert.  After everything is cleaned up we have a Christmas program.  When our whole family is together, my sister is usually the one who comes up with the most elaborate and fun part of the evening but this year I've decided to give it a shot since she's not around.  I've made a Christmas Jeapordy game, and after a lot of research and technical difficulties in putting a game board together, I think I'm ready to play Alex Trebek tomorrow night.

My categories are: Who Said It? in which you must name the character and the show in which they said the quote; Christmas Song Lyrics; Santa Claus; Christmas Traditions; and Christmas Show Characters.

Like Jeapordy, my family will have to give the question to the supplied answer.  Since my family doesn't check my blog, here is a sample for you to try out... from the category of Christmas Traditions:  The tradition of using noisemakers such as these during winter carried over into the celebration of Christmas.  But instead of making noise to keep away evil things, people made noise to celebrate something happy.

Know the question??

We've also picked up our Christmas tamales which we'll enjoy for our Christmas Eve lunch.  My friend Sommar gave us some homemade salsa (which is AMAZING!!) and we'll finish up our wrapping and have the house bursting with music.  I love Christmas Eve as we prepare for the holiday.

Our final event tomorrow night is Stan's annual candle lighting ceremony.  It's how we remember that Christ came to earth and gave us His light.  With Him in our lives He lights our way and gives our lives .... everything.  We sing Christmas hymns and sit in the soft light of those candles and give ourselves time to reflect on the past year and our blessings.  It's a lovely way to wrap up the night and look forward to Christmas morning.

I hope you all have and enjoy your own family traditions as we do.  Such a special and lovely time of the year.

Oh!  And the question for the answer above:  What are Christmas bells?

Have a great holiday!

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Mel said...

Sounds like you have some fun traditions that really get you in the Christmas spirit. I just love traditions-especially the food part.