Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy 22nd Birthday AJ!

Today is AJ's 22nd birthday! Yay! He has brought so much joy, laughter and love to our lives that I cannot imagine a world without him in it.

We celebrated early today because he has school today and he couldn't miss. He had a Calculus test this morning, and he has a Physics test this evening. He returned home about 1:00 this afternoon and we had his birthday dinner then. In our family you get to pick the menu yourself since it's your special day. AJ is pretty consistent. It was good!

We had Cornish game hens ...

Roasted fingerling potatoes ...

and pea and cheese salad.

Captain Cool even stopped by for a visit!

With a birthday kiss for the Man of the Hour!

When we were done with dinner we brought out the triple chocolate cake that AJ had requested!

We sang to him, which he seemed to like,

then he blew out the candles!

He liked the presents the his father, brother and I gave him: a copy of one of his favorite movies Tron: Legacy, a new pair of sunglasses, and a subscription to Astronomy magazine!

And through it all -- a very happy, and blessed, mom!

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Rach said...

Happy Birthday AJ!! Boy, you guys know how to do it up right - those game hens look amazing!! Hey, can I book Captain Cool for a party?? =)