Thursday, October 20, 2011

In All It's Purple Lovliness!

We lost a good friend today .... our toaster. Oh, he'd been going downhill for quite awhile, and it was not pretty. Smoke alarms going off .... toast burnt so black you'd think it was charcoal, and that was on the lowest setting!

Then finally it got to the point that you had to stand there and hold the button down and wait for it to toast. While it was nice to spend time together like that, I had to keep letting go to make my hot chocolate, turn the CD on to listen to while I ate, grab some napkins ... you get the picture. It was time to say goodbye.

AJ bought me a new toaster today, an early Christmas present. And it is amazing in it's beauty, because it is PURPLE!!! Those who know me know it's my favorite color. It looks perfect in my (non-purple) kitchen.

Can't wait to see what Stan says when he gets home tonight!

Isn't it cute?
And don't you love AJ's reflection in it??

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Rach said...

It's awesome!! I don't know why, but kitchen gadgets make me happy. I love AJ's reflection, it's way better than the reflection picture he posted on Facebook the other day!