Monday, October 24, 2011

I Had To Post This

I had to post this, if only because I am in the major minority of those who didn't like Twilight. It was the only book in the series that I read, I'll be honest, and I have not see any of the movies. I found the angst and drama of high school bad enough to live through, and it is probably a testament to Stephenie Meyers that her brought it all back for me.

"He looked at me, does he like me?"
"He's not at school today, is it becase of me??"
"Oh he talked to me! He must like me!"
"He's so cute! He couldn't like me!"

Yikes. I am not aware of a discussion of Twlight or Harry Potter being the better book, but that seems to be what Stephen King is addressing here. I just really liked his comment and had to post this here today.

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Rach said...

Don' I don't understand those words together in that order. Say it isn't so, Maureen!! =) Ha Ha! I do have to admit that quote made me laugh!