Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

Stan had to work on Christmas Eve, so we waited up until he got home a little after midnight. It was exciting to be up late and celebrate a little with him. After sleeping in a little we got up for some breakfast and presents under the tree. Stan is working Christmas Day as well so we stayed home to spend as much time with him as we could today.

It was a nice morning. So much love and peace; tons of good food and presents that had us all surprised and happy.

The boys found these baskets of goodies on our porch this morning!
Our neighbor, Betsy, never forgets the boys on Christmas.
What a grand surprise!

Christmas breakfast is a feast!
Lefse, bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon,
sour cream coffee cake
cookies, tangerines, egg nog and hot chocolate ....
Sooooo good!

AJ, in his Santa hat, is ready to get to the presents and see what's waiting!

Stan brought home an English cracker someone from work had given him.
Kevin loved the paper crown inside and models it
with the Dr. Who shirt we gave him for Christmas!

Kevin gave Captain Cool a tie-dyed hat to go with his outfit.
It's a very groovy holiday at the Mullis house!

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends both near and far. We hope this holiday finds you blessed, loved and happy. Wish we were near you and could give you all hugs. Enjoy your day as much as we'll be enjoying ours!

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