Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Question for Readers

One of the blogs I like to visit is Nathan Bransford's. He is a literary agent with Curtis Brown in San Francisco. He often asks interesting questions that get you thinking. One he asked recently is one I'd like to ask as well.

When do you stop reading a book?

Do you read the first couple of chapters; do you try to make it halfway through; or do you read the entire book then toss it aside in disgust for having done so?

I have a friend who won't even start a book if the first paragraph doesn't capture her attention. A high school English teacher of mine used to say, "Never finish a book merely because you have begun it." What do you think?

And what would make you keep turning the pages??

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Tara said...

I never used to like to read. I was one of those who would read the first page or two and if it didn't capture my attention, I'd toss it. OH how many books I DIDN'T read!!! I think that because of that, I'm one of those who will read the entire thing... thinking I might miss out on something really good! I've been very disappointed many times, but I feel that I at least gave it a chance. I think YOU have helped me expand my genre a bit, too! I am trying to be a bit more open- minded about different kinds of books!