Thursday, August 6, 2009

Renaissance Festival

On our vacation we went to Elitch's and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, but I was so excited or something I forgot to take pictures -- goofy me!

But, we also went to the Renaissance Festival and I got some good shots of the boys and Stan and some of the events there. AJ bought himself a ceramic mug and a claymore (I think that's a fancy word for really long sword) and Kevin got a "magical" staff. Stan and I had a blast (went to a renewal of marriage vows ceremony with the King and Queen where I received a red rose!), and the boys are old enough that they went off on their own and reconnected with us when they needed food money or whatever. If you get a chance to go you should. Lots of fun!

Stan and the boys pose for me with their staff and claymore!

The Washing Well Wenches seemed to like the Mullis Men! Looks like AJ had a good time with them too!

A Fairy played her pipes for the visitors to the festival. It gave it a magical feel, and the music was pretty too!

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