Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TV Free Week

You know how you hear how people experiement by having a TV free week? I've read articles where those who try this talk about the impact of going without the television blaring every day makes on their lives.

Well, we just got done with one of those weeks, and it wasn't by choice. Our Satellite box got fried during one of the recent thunderstorms and the tech couldn't get out to our house until late yesterday afternoon.

It was an interesting week. I read about six books, AJ finished a couple of books, and we all spent a lot more time doing things around the house and talking. I have to confess that after a month without a computer it was great to have it to turn to when I felt at odds about not being able to watch the box.

And that did happen. Just as I learned I am addicted to the computer, I now know I'm addicted to the dumb TV as well!

During dinner last night Kevin asked me if I thought we were being sent a message. I don't know about that. But I definately think we've all learned that we're much to dependent upon these modern devices. They make our lives more enjoyable; they're certainly convenient, but do they really enrich our lives all that much? I'm not so sure.


Tara said...

So it wasn't the "ah-ha" moment you read so much about? I've debated having one of those weeks, too. Maybe if it's more of a "choice" rather than "forced"...I think that if I thought I had more control over the situation, I'd enjoy it more. Umm...maybe not. I likessss my TV!

Rach said...

I already know I am addicted to my computer and tv. I go a little crazy if I can't check my blog and e-mail every day. I don't know if tv really enriches my life all that much, but I sure like to turn it on an relax after the kids have gone to bed!