Sunday, April 4, 2010

Soup's On!

I think the turkey turned out great!  Twenty pounds of deliciousness, let me tell you.  We were all too full for the pumpkin pie and probably won't eat until tomorrow, even though we ate at 1:00 before Stan had to leave for work.  And the house smells so good!

I know we look like a bunch of drunks, but the bottles on the table are Sparkling Cider.  We're collecting the bottles so we can make homemade rootbeer (my grandmother's recipe) this summer.

Hope you all had a good Easter dinner too with lots of good conversation and time with your family.  We sure did!


Mel said...

What a feast! Glad you had a great Easter. It was a nice day.


Looks yummy! We didn't do the traditional ham either. We actually barbequed. Turkey sounds great though! Happy Easter

Rach said...

Yum, that turkey looks delicious!! Of course everything you guys make is delicious. Yeah, I know what was really in those "sparkling cider" bottles!! =)