Friday, April 30, 2010

The Ward Talent Show

We held our ward's talent show tonight, and it was a blast.  So much hidden talent in our ward it took my breath away!  My youngest son Kevin was the MC, so of course my unbiased view is that he was the best!  Here are some photographs.  We had dancers, singers, musicians .... the Priest's Quorum, with Kevin, sang "My Girl" and impersonated the Temptations which was a lot of fun.  In addition there was a lot of display talents (including a short story I wrote and you can read on my writing blog) and tons of yummy goodies for the culinary talents to be shared.  What a fun evening. 

AJ recorded some of the acts, and if we can work it out, I'll post some videos later this weekend.  Enjoy the pix!

Now see?  Don't you wish you'd been there too?  Maybe we'll see you there at the next talent show, and you'll find your picture here too!


Tara said...

I wish we could have been there! Sick little ones & an exhausted mother made for a night in!

Thanks for posting pix, though!

Rach said...

That was so much fun, and Kevin was awesome!!