Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Lessons on Love

As I've posted before, my thoughts of late have been with my Great Aunt Charlotte who is preparing to leave this world soon.  I've learned a lot from her at different points in my life, and recently remembered something I learned from her when I was about 13.

My sister and I spent a few days with her at her home in Minnesota.  She took us into Minneapolis, out to an amusement park, and a few other things.  As we spent this time with her she was very generous in talking to us, telling us her thoughts, asking questions and sharing memories of her life.

When we were at the park she wanted to ride the roller coaster.  She told us that she loved roller coasters and found them not only fun but exciting. 

"Pete," she told us (her husband), "never liked roller coasters, but would always go on them with me because I liked them."  She smiled at the memory and lightly laughed.  "That was very brave of him."

I'll say.  I HATE roller coasters, and don't know if I love anyone that much.

Another time she told us about how when she and Pete were first married and she would fix a chicken, she would always make sure that he got the breast.  It was her favorite piece on the chicken, and she wanted him to have it, and she always ate the thighs. 

A few years later they discovered that his favorite was the thighs, and that they had both sacrified their favorite pieces for the other because they loved each other that much.

So sweet.  I'm sure Pete is as anxious to see his sweetheart again as she is to see him.  That kind of love doesn't end with death.  I'm praying her passing will come sweetly and peacefully, and that she'll soon be with Pete and happy again.

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