Monday, May 3, 2010

Poetry for Mother's Day

Whenever we send greeting cards, Stan always writes a poem inside.  This year he wrote a couple of poems for our mothers to go in the cards we sent them.  I thought they were nice and decided to share them here.  Hope you like them!

For Grandma Mullis

For you we wish
A special day
This year it’s on
The 9th of May

But more than that
We wish for you
Happiness that lasts
The whole year through

We won’t be stopped
Or even deterred
In our vocabulary
Mom’s the word!

For Grandma Hillyard

We want to let you know
That we all love you so
And that we’re here for you
No matter what you do

If this all sounds bizarre
Since we are where we are
So very far away
Again on Mother’s Day

You know these words I say are true
We all wish we could be with you

1 comment:

Tara said...

Woot!! Way to go Stan... you're the man! Ok, that's as far as MY talent for "poetry" goes! ha ha!