Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake!

When I was growing up we had a tradition in our family for the last day of school---strawberry shortcake!  It is something I have carried on with my boys.  When they were little I would make up a giant shortcake and that was all we would have for dinner.  Just strawberry shortcake until we were about to pop!  It was fun.

But now it's for after dinner, and we've added sparkling cider to toast the boys with for a job well done.  It's sort of fitting as Kevin had his last day in high school today.  AJ had his last day a week ago.  Both boys have done so well, and I'm so proud of them.  Can't wait to raise that glass and cheer their accomplishments.

Stan sliced up the strawberries and the house is filled with their sweet aroma.  Smells like summer to me.  It also smells like the end of school and the beginning of .... possibilities!  Can't wait!


Mel said...

Ooooooo I love Strawberry Shortcake. What a great tradition to go with great accomplishments. Good job boys! Have a great summer knowing that it is over!

Rach said...

Yum!! I love Strawberry Shortcake, it is second only to a good chocolate cake! Do you guys have fun plans for the summer?

Tiffany said...

I think that strawberry shortcake has to be the very best way to end the school year and kick of a new summer that I've ever heard of!!! Yum yum!!