Friday, May 21, 2010


I don't really have a quote for today.  I've been thinking today about blessings.  This week my aunt Charlotte passed away, and today I celebrated my 22nd anniversary with my husband.  Both of these events have given me pause to stop and consider how much we each have. 

If you have a loving family with parents and siblings and also aunts, uncles, amazing is that?  That we have these people that are always there teaching, loving, laughing, sharing with us.  Our lives are so rich with such a blessing.  And when we lose someone here on earth to know they will be waiting to welcome and embrace us on the other side when we pass is something I find comforting. 

Then on top of that, I have been so fortunate to have found my heart's companion.  Sure, we've had difficulties over the past 22 years, but to know that I have Stan alwys there....supporting, laughing, loving and keeping me centered.  I knew when I met him he was special.  I knew when I married him I loved him.  And now, all these years later, I cannot imagine my heart beating without knowing he's there. 

As they say, my cup runneth o'er.

Blessed be.



How great it is to feel so blessed. You have a lot of big milestones this month. It is amazing to believe the boys are getting so old. Where does the time go?

Tiffany said...

Not only are you so are such a blessing in so many of the lives of those of us who love you!!!

Rach said...

Wow, 22 years! How lucky are you to be married to the love of your life for 22 years (and I have to say he is pretty darn lucky too)? I agree with Tiffany you are so blessed and such a blessing in other's lives. And, I like your new background. Congrats to your graduate!