Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Signs Are There!

The signs are there all right, I'm getting older. Apparently not better either, just more frazzled. Sometimes the whole Benjamin Buttons idea doesn't seem so bad. I feel as if I'm falling apart lately.

Last night I ate something that absolutely didn't agree with me and I was suffering all night long. About 2:00 am Stan went and got me some medicine so that I could finally sleep, I was so miserable. It worked, but it also resulted in my sleeping in too late to make it to our 8:30 am church time.

"No problem!" I thought, I'll just go for the last two hours. All was good, or so I thought. I'd been doing laundry the day before and hadn't yet gotten to my whites, but knew I had some undergarments in my room. Wrong! What I had was instead of a pair of undergarments, I had two tops. Now, in a pinch I might be brave enough to go out minus my top, but I'm definitely not going out without a bottom on!

I forgot to get a chicken out of the freezer last night and tried to quick thaw one today. The result was I got frostbite cutting up that chicken which is now in the oven.  I hope I get my act together soon. Gosh, if I'm like this now, what'll it be like when I'm in my 70s!

Hah! There's always something to look forward too, isn't there?

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Mel said...

I was wondering where you were today. I missed you! Hope tonight's sleep is much better.