Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When Kevin was a little boy, one of his favorite things was to ride on Daddy's shoulders. For some reason, he called this "bonkers." We never knew where this term came from or what it meant to him. Maybe it meant that he liked to bonk his dad on the head while he was up there. At any rate, Stan found a card to give him for his birthday that had a picture of a dad giving his little boy "bonkers." He wrote this poem to put inside, and I think it's just ....


"Pick me up,"
I heard you say
"Please, Daddy, please,
Now ... right away!"
Up you would go
Up oh so high
On Daddy's shoulders
You could touch the sky

Flying high above the ground
Taking another look around
Perched up there what did you see?
Were you looking down at me?
Did you play among the clouds
Sitting there above the crowds?

Who knew life could bring such joy
When a father was bonkers for his little boy!

Stanley Mullis

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Dirk and Trish said...

Wonderful! The bond between Daddy and child is so special. There is something so awesome about being up above everyone else.