Sunday, November 27, 2011

We've Been Christmastized!

We finally completed our indoor decorating! We had a blast. Christmas music, popcorn and boxes and boxes of decorations I've been collecting since I was in my twenties.

Our wreath will greet you when you come to our door!

The inside of our door has a big Santa stocking and jingle bells on the knob.

One of our mangers.
This one is special to me, because it was left on our doorstep a piece at a time.
The doorbell would ring, and we'd go out and find one of the pieces
along with a poem or scripture reference to it.
We never did find out who gave it to us, which also makes it more special.

We have a big selection of snowmen.
Kevin calls it the Snowman Forest!
There's also our rabbit who changes what he holds according to the season.
He's holding a wreath now.

Our other manger, given to us by our Secret Santa, when we were in Willow Glen Ward
in San Jose, California.
The boys were very little, and it was nice because it was wooden and they could play with it.

One of our Santas.
Yes, we have a collection of those as well!
This is supposed to be a tree topper.

I don't know what this is called. Stan's Aunt Barbara gave us this our first Christmas.
You put candles in at the bottom and it makes the paddles turn.

The Christmas sampler my sister Cheryl made
the Christmas after Kevin was born.

The newest addition to our Christmas collection!
I love this cute pillow made by my friends Liz and Claire.

So now you know how we spent our Sunday afternoon. Our house is ready for the holiday now. We still need to get the outside lights and decorations up as well.  Then I just need to wrap some presents and get them under the tree and get some cookies baked. Can't wait to get started!

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Mel said...

Love it! Each piece has a special memory...the way it should be. Merry Christmas