Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book Review: Hannah's Dream

I've just finished one of the sweetest and most loving novels I've ever read. It's Hannah's Dream by Diane Hammond. It's the story of Hannah, and Asian elephant, her loving caretaker, and the down-on-its-luck zoo in Washington state where she calls home.

Since the 1950s Hannah has lived in the zoo, lovingly tended for by Sam. As it becomes clear that Sam's ability to care for her is growing to a close, and the quality of Hannah's life is compromised, the people that surround her rally to help this sweet, gentle creature who needs their help.

The characterizations are true to life and full of color. It almost makes you wish that you could be there to help Hannah yourself. The novel also helps you to see that love comes in all shapes, sizes and species. This book will live in my heart for a long time.

Inspired by the story of Shirley the Elephant which is one of the most touching tales I've ever heard, Hammond has written a poignant novel about love, devotion and doing the greater good. Well written, it captured my attention and made me want more. If you pick up this book you won't be disappointed!


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I'll have to check it out, I am always looking for books to read. And, speaking of book reviews, I finished your manuscript a couple days ago. Wow!! I'll bring it by so we can chat about it.

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Just had to tell you that I have been sitting here for about 10 minutes replaying the song "Quando Quando Quando" that you have on your playlist. It is very relaxing and soothing, which is exactly what I need right now after this long day. Thanks for the great music!!