Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Surprises Come in All Packages

I know the story of Susan Boyle has been all over the place lately, and I wanted to comment about it as well. It's another one of those situations where someone was judged totally on their looks. The heart of a warrior, the spirit of an angel, the courage of a lion can all be camouflaged in many ways. I don't believe this woman could sing with such emotion and heart were she not someone who was good deep inside.

I am so pleased with her getting this attention, and this chance to show the world what she holds inside herself. Perhaps this will teach all of us to pause a beat before we determine what someone is like. I hope I do. I pray we all will.



Tara said...


Rach said...

I love that clip. What a beautiful voice she has! Tara already said "Amen" so I will say "Ditto" to everything you said in your post. May we all be a little slower to judge.

Tiffany said...

I absolutely got chills when she sang!! I loved seeing the humbled faces of those who had mocked her when they heard her amazing voice. It is a lesson to all!! Never judge a book by it's cover!!