Thursday, July 22, 2010

Staycation! - The Adam Richman Experience

As I have posted here before, our family, and especially Kevin, is very much into Adam Richman's show "Man V Food" on the Travel Channel.  A while back we went to a restaurant in Denver, and this time we tried out two of the places he went to in Boulder.

The first place we tried was Beau Jo's, a pizzeria.  It was obviously geared toward the student population that is there in Boulder, but what a lot of fun.  They have what they call "Mountain High" pizza.

The crust on their pizza is very thick and they sort of braid it.  As a special treat they bring you a bottle of honey, and after you are done with the pizza you eat the crust with the honey.  Sort of a built in dessert!  They offer one huge-mongous pizza for $75, if you can believe it.  However, if two people can eat it all, including crust, in one hour you get it for free!

In the morning we tried out this place for breakfast, which is what Adam did on the television show.  Yes, we had breakfast in The Buff!  The waitresses there seem willing talk about the show, and afterwards asked if he steered us wrong in coming to them.  He did not! 

We had their specialty, the Saddlebags. These are giant pancakes with your choice of meat (bacon, sausage or ham) cooked into it, and a couple of eggs on top. Pretty great idea.

Kevin had it like Adam did on the show, one with sausage and one with bacon.  AJ had all sausage and I had bacon.  Stan tried their Pacific Benedict, which was an eggs benedict with smoked sausage.  Really a fun place to visit.  If you want the Adam Richman experience too give these places a shot!


Rach said...

We saw that show, and we have been wanting to try them ever since!! That pizza looked soooo good. We'll have to go eat breakfast "In the Buff" too!!

Tara said...

Oooh! I've been to BeauJo's! YUMMMMM!! So did anyone do the $75 pizza test? When they say 1 hour... does that include not puking it back up? ha ha!


We love man vs food too. David tried to convince us he could do the Bejeaus challenge but we told him he had to come up with the money to pay for it first. Looks like fun!