Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Staycation! (part three)

Yes, we went to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park today.
For those of you who know Stan, he was more than willing to pose with the hotel's sign.  I loved it!
This may be our Christmas card this year .....
The Stanley Hotel was built in 1909 and was the inspiration for Stephen King's THE SHINING.
We didn't see any ghosts, but we did see ....
The Stanley Steamer!
It's one of a very few that still work.  It was so cute to see.

We found ourselves caught in one major hailstorm on our way back to Boulder and our hotel.  I'll chronicle the rest of our adventures when we get back home. 
I just have to say, staycation is a blast!


Rach said...

How fun!! Love that picture of your husband in front of the Stanley sign!

Tara said...

Great pix! I would LOVE to go there one of these days!