Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Times, They Are A Changin'

I remember when  I was a teenager hearing my parents and their friends discussing my grandparents.  They would talk about how much had happened in their lifetimes.  "They've gone from horses to a man on the moon!" they would exclaim and marvel at how fast the world had changed.

Lately I've been thinking the same thing about my own lifetime.  So much has changed.  And it changes faster and faster every year.  I think about how different things were when I was my children's age and to see it now in their time is fascinating.

Dial telephones, black & white televisions (we got our first color TV when I was a freshman in college!) records, typewriters and more.  There was no cable, not 24 hr news channels, cartoons were only on Saturday mornings, and if you wanted to see a movie you liked more than once you had to wait for it to come on network television, or see if they showed it at a second run theater.

So, what do you remember from your childhood that your children will never experience?  Block parties, grocery stores closing at 9pm, what?  I'd love to hear what changes have happened in your lifetime.


Tiffany said...

I remember when my parents brought home a new microwave!! I can't imagine my life without one!!

Maureen said...

Oh! I'd forgotten microwaves haven't been around forever. That's a good one Tiff!

Tara said...

Being able to go out and play until the street lights came on. Then it was time to be home for dinner. I wish my kids could just go out and explore like we used to.