Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Staycation! (part two)

So we decided to spend a couple of days at home during our staycation.  Yesterday we were planning on going down to Pueblo and visiting the River Walk and checking out Sloppers at Gray's Coors Tavern.  But the forecast was for temperatures of 105-110, and I said "No Way!"  Can you blame me?  Today we went and saw the film "Despicable Me," which was adorable, and came home for some homemade Chinese food.  Stan and Kevin have gotten really good.

Here's Stan making his famous fried rice in his wok.  It is amazing!  He buys BBQ Pork at the Asian Market and dices it up to add to it, and it is so good.   Of course we always wind up with so much we have rice for days.  Not that that's a bad thing ........

We do buy pot stickers and egg rolls from Costco.  Stan fries up the pot stickers in his wok and oh my gosh, you'd never know they were frozen!

Kevin made General Tso's Chicken.  His dream is to open a restaurant someday, and it'll probably be an Asian restaurant!

See what I mean?  The men folk know how to put on a spread!

Stan looks happy!

Don't bother me ... I'm eating!

I think Kevin needed to take a rest before tackling this huge meal!

Like I said ... it was delicious!

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