Friday, March 7, 2014

The Piccolino Dress

I have been a big Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers fan since I was a girl. I always thought Ginger was the most beautiful woman. In high school I had my hair cut and styled to match hers. And her clothes! All those amazing dresses! The gossamer one, the feather dress, the jodphurs .... but my favorite was always the dress she wore when she sang and danced "The Piccolino" in their movie Top Hat.

It is also the dress she selected to donate to The Smithsonian Museum. I was fortunate to see it there many years ago. Since the Astaire-Rogers films were mostly in black and white, the colo of her dresses was left to my imagination. I wavered between thinking this dress was either pink or blue. In reality it is .... well, maybe that should be left to your imagination as well.

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