Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weight Watchers Breakfast from the Bishops' Storehouse

Trying follow Weight Watchers is a challenge, but I've found that a good breakfast always gets me off on the right foot. And I'm sharing one of my favorite breakfasts using food we've been blessed with from the Bishop's Storehouse.

Poached eggs on toast is an old-fashioned, traditional breakfast and one I grew up with. Here's how it works out point-wise for the WW program: 1 slice whole wheat toast is 2 points, 1 egg poached is 2 points. That's a 4 point breakfast. I like to add a cup of tomato juice for 1 point. And there you have a 5 point breakfast!

You can gild the lilly if you like and can spare the points. Add a slice of ham for 3 points, or some sliced tomatoes for 0 points! If you like, you can just have poached egg white which is also 0 points. And 1/4 cup shredded cheese is an extra 3 points and oh so nice!

Of course, this is a terrific breakfast even if you're not counting WW points. So go ahead and enjoy and get your morning off to a good -- and yummy -- start!

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