Monday, January 4, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: One Simple Act

I just have to share this book with you!  Debbie Macomber's ONE SIMPLE ACT: DISCOVERING THE POWER OF GENEROSITY is a perfect book to start 2010 with. 

Macomber, who is best know for her romance and women's fiction novels, asks the question "what would you do if you could make the world a better place?"  It's a good question and it bears listening to her answer. 

She starts off by explaining that gratitude is the springboard to making generosity possible.  If you have a thankful attitude you will benefit in many ways.  Studies have shown it makes you healthier, happier, more attuned to your surroundings, and able to enjoy life more.  It also allows you to extend that to helping others around you.

Chapter by chapter the author shows us there are many ways to be generous, not just the assumed method of handing money out, although that is one way.  She shows how just listening to someone who needs to be heard is a way of being generous.  Encouragement, offering a prayer, being a caregiver, offering hospitatlity, why even forgiving someone is an act of generosity.  Her words are inspiring.

By using short stories and true anecdotes Macomber supports her ideas in a way that shows you that you can do this too.  But she also illustrates her point with scriptural references and examples that tie in with a strong faith.  As she writes, "... when Jesus gave us an example, He focused on just one simple act."

I have kept a gratitude journal for a long time, and wrote about it in my last novel.  If you keep such a journal, I promise it will change your life.  And, according to Macomber, you can change other lives as well. 

And if we all did that .... we could change the world, couldn't we?

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